Why I’m Running

Being a nearly thirty year resident and having raised my own family in Escondido, I am deeply vested in our City. We deserve a district representative who listens to the community, NOT a career politician.  For many years our City has suffered financially, spending millions of taxpayer dollars on legal fees, settlements and staff time for lawsuit after lawsuit. We have so many other areas where these funds would be better spent.

As a Controller, I am the only candidate with more than a decade of experience in finance and a professional background that includes budgeting.  Let’s put an end to exorbitant pay increases buried deep within the city budget and taxpayer funded lawsuits.

I pledge to make determinations only after thorough research and input from the community. I am committed to WORKING for a better Escondido. Please join my team in putting district two’s council seat back where it belongs – in the hands of the people. 


Vanessa Valenzuela
Escondido City Council District 2 Candidate

Vanessa, with her children; Analyse, Andreya & Anthony